Black Lives Matter Ireland Archive

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This collection documents the Black Lives Matter movement’s impact in Ireland and the protests that followed. The Black Lives Matter movement (2016) was formed as a response to the systemic murders of Black people by police in the USA. The murder of George Floyd on May 25th 2020 ignited global Black Lives Matter protests which saw people from all over the world march in solidarity with Black Americans and to challenge racist and carceral systems in their own countries.

In Ireland, the protests also provided a context wherein Black people could vocally and collectively oppose the Direct Provision systems and other forms of systemic racism perpetrated by the state. We are in the process of contextualizing and chronicling the impact of Black migrants in this movement and shaping a collective memory of how individuals, grassroots organizations, and community groups led the response. This collection is built through the accounts of those who were involved and is open to contribution until the 1st of September 2020.

Contribution Guidelines
  • You are welcome to submit anonymously or openly.
  • Please ensure that the material you submit is your own – do not send photos of strangers or material created by someone else.
  • It is up to photographers to submit material in which they have gained the consent of those featured.
What can you contribute?
  • Organising work (statements, impacts, actions)
  • Speeches, audio, photographs, and videos from marches
  • Creative work (poetry, articles, essays, artwork)
  • Photographs and photo scans of posters, placards, and other signage