Contributor Guidelines

  • We are striving to document all especially the lives of people living at the intersection of class, gender, sexuality, and ability.
  • We invite individuals, collectives, and communities to submit all mediums of documentation such as written text, photographs, audio.
  • We strive to develop creative, innovative ways of representing heritage and memory, that center the individual and their unique experiences so we are also open to receiving written pieces, artworks, and oral histories.
  • You are welcome to contribute openly or anonymously.
  • It is up to photographers to submit photos in which they have obtained the consent of those featured.
  • Please ensure that the material belongs to you – don’t send us photographs of strangers or material that does not belong to you.
  • If you have material you wish to contribute to the archive please get in touch via email or fill out our submission form.


Open Call: Dreaming Still
Dreaming Still is a publication of work by Black-Irish writers, launching in early 2024. This project takes inspiration from Tina Campt’s Listening To Images and Saidiyah Hartman’s critical fabulation as a method of filling in archival gaps by using storytelling to imagine not only what was, but also what could be.  Dreaming Still is a collection of photo-texts that acknowledges feelings of displacement, hostility, and loss endured by migrants and imagines alternative contexts where wonder …
Sounds From Home Sounds from Home is an hour-long mix aired on Dublin Digital Radio, in which Joselle Ntumba, and Beulah Ezeugo conceptualize the Éireann and I archive project and explore black memory, migration, and DIY archiving. This show features music and poetry from FeliSpeaks, Denise Chaila, Baloji, Blo, Connie Bell, and Decolonising the Archive. View Transcription Title: Sounds From Home  Speakers: Beulah Ezeugo, Joselle Ntumba Date of Release: 11.08.20Location Of Recording: Ireland List Of Acronyms: BE=Beulah …