What is a community archive? A community archive is an archive that is created by individuals or community groups who want to document their shared experiences through collective memory. Collective memory is the inter community sharing of information  to (re)produce information about the past. Collective memory is akin to storytelling but has the promise that the information is factual by virtue of it being a lived experience. In essence it is how a community remembers the past or events of the past. Lastly, collective memory gives way allows the community to narrate their own experiences  which facilitates a more culturally specific retelling of the past.

Who can contribute to the archive? This archive represents the experiences of the Black diaspora in Ireland and members of our community are prioritized in the retelling and remembering of our experiences. However, if you are not part of this community but can provide added resources or information, do reach out.

Do you have to be currently living in Ireland to contribute to the archive?  No, anyone within the Black diaspora who has a cultural link to Ireland is welcome to contribute to the archive.

What can I submit to the archive? Anything and everything from photography, written texts and audio or visual files, to poetry, art, and oral histories. Submissions should be of good quality and in jpeg, mp3, Mp4, or doc format.

How much material can I contribute? There are no restrictions placed on the amount of material you can submit.

How is my privacy protected? In compliance with current data protection legislation, we do not process personal data that is part of this archive. We do however, retain the data provided by contributors through consent forms. Read how wordpress processes your data as a user of this site here.

If I contribute documents can I have them removed if I change my mind? We respect your privacy and your right to data access in accordance with European GDPR laws. If a situation occurs where the removal of  submitted documents from the archive is necessitated we will work expeditiously to have your documents and any or person identifiable data removed from the website. Additionally you can request to not have your name or personal information published in the archive.

I see myself or someone I know in a photo that was not submitted by me, what can I do? It is up to contributors to obtain the consent of individuals featured in their photos. If someone has contributed a photo that you are featured in and your consent was not obtained, reach out to us using this contact form. You can request to have your image or personal details obscured to preserve your anonymity, you can also request for the picture to be removed. 

  • How is this digital archive maintained? This archive is developed and maintained on a voluntary basis. It is partially by the Trinity College Provost’s Academic Development Fund.

How can I contribute? You can find our contributor guidelines here.