Anti-Deportation Protest Dublin City, 2005.

  • 2.04.05 – An Irish response to a European wide action day called by international organization “No Borders Network”. They called for all European networks and social movements to join in the organization of a second day of action, centered upon the claim for freedom of movement and the right to stay as an alternative to the European constitutional process. The action day functioned as a decentralised, but synchronised move for a radical and uncompromising “no” to immigration controls.
  • The image gallery documents a protest that functioned to responded to this call for action as well as to oppose a decision by the Irish government to deport two Athlone mothers to Nigeria, leaving their children, aged between eight and 18 living in Ireland without parents. The families were broken up and the children went into hiding after their mothers’ were flown to Lagos last week as part of a group of 35-people deported from the country. The marches took place between the GPO on O’Connell Street and the Garda National Immigration Bureau. The audio features chants lead by protesters outside the Garda National Immigration Bureau. A call of “Bring them back!” is followed by a response of “No Deportations!”
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